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TPI Medical Level 3 professional certified

You will benefit from working directly with Trevor, a highly trained and experienced TPI Medical Level 3 Certified professional.

Play Pain-Free, Play Better. Consistency Made Simple!

Your assessment results will be used to develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. This comprehensive plan may include targeted exercises, stretches, and corrective techniques to address limitations, enhance mobility, stability, and strength.

TPI screen & SFMA screen

Gain a deep understanding through the TPI screen and an SFMA screen of your unique physical capabilities and limitations. This knowledge will empower you to overcome obstacles, unlock hidden strengths, and optimize your swing mechanics for improved distance, accuracy, and overall performance.

If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of the statements below, then this program is perfectly tailored for you

□  I desire better mobility and stability for improved performance.
□  I aim to reduce the risk of golf-related injuries.
□  I aspire to make significant improvements to my golf swing.
□  I seek longevity and endurance on the golf course.
□  I currently experience discomfort or pain while playing.
□  I feel stuck in a stagnant phase and unsure how to overcome it.
□  I have ambitions to compete at a higher level in the sport.


Trevor Potts - TPI Med level 3 Certified & Registered Physiotherapist – B.Sc, (MPT)

Trevor Potts

TPI Med level 3 Certified
& Registered Physiotherapist
B.Sc, (MPT)

Highly Reviewed by Our Clients

I couldn’t be happier with the improvements I’ve seen after working with Trevor and the TPI training.


Trevor helped me better understand not only the golf swing but my own capabilities as well. Understanding why I move the way I do was the first and most important step to improving the mechanics of my swing.

My goal for the year was to get to a single digit handicap from a 14. After only 6 months, I’m quite proud to say I’ve smashed that goal and have dropped all the way down to a 4!! Thanks for all your help this year, Trevor! I can’t wait to see how far we can take this! 

Austin Hughes - PIT Client

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