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Personalized care in a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY.

Physio done the RIGHT WAY

Our team of physiotherapists and massage therapists work closely with you, and each other to understand your goals to create an evidence based game plan. We strive to make the overall experience of rehabilitation, movement and exercise enjoyable. Learn more about our approach through our physiotherapy blog.


We make sure every patient is welcomed and attended to at our physiotherapy clinic. We have an open concept space located on Commercial Drive, and only work with a handful of patients at a time. We truly believe that facilitates teamwork amongst our practitioners but also a community vibe at our clinic.


Every patient is provided a personalized game plan around your goals or injuries. At the start of your rehab plan, you may need longer 60 minute sessions. As you get better, you might only need 10 minute check-ins via telehealth. Whatever provides the best care and makes sense for you, our physiotherapy and RMT team has you covered.

Virtual Treatment (Physio and More)

Kinesiology / Athletic Therapy / Active Rehab, and Physiotherapy services are available virtually! Naturally, we need to take an indirect approach, so you can expect:

  • Delivery through Physitrack or Telehealth
  • Thorough subjective assessment from a physiotherapist or practitioner. We ask a ton of questions.
  • Movement screening and self assessment tools to form a diagnosis.
    Education, self-care tips, comprehensive and simple home exercise plan.
  • Check-ins and modifications around your home environment and available equipment.
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Physiotherapy at The Physio Shop

We take a consultative approach to physiotherapy at our physio clinic. Our goal is to rehab your injuries and strengthen weak muscles in a hands-on, personalized approach. You can expect:

  • Through assessment from a registered physiotherapist to understand what’s going on
  • A personalized game plan from our physios, and setting expectations that you’ll be actively involved
  • Manual therapy, soft tissue release, use of IMS or clinical pilates, depending on the expertise and specialties of each physio
  • The option to complete exercises in-house for more supervision, or at home. It’s up to you!
  • A collaborative approach from our team of physiotherapists.
  • Support every step of the way. We want to put you at ease about the severity and complexity of any prevailing complaints/aches.
  • Enjoyment from the process of learning about yourself, the body, mind and movement.
Skiing Injuries Prevention
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IMS Treatment

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is another treatment option we have available, and we often use it in conjunction with our physio treatment. You can expect:

  • Thorough assessment from a qualified practitioner to understand the treatment provided and potential sensations you may feel
  • Detailed explanation of how IMS should work for your body
  • Minor discomfort, and positive results typically within a few days
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Kinesiology/ Athletic Therapy/ Active Rehab

For this treatment, we take a consultative approach to work on your goals together. You can expect:

  • One on one treatment
  • Detailed assessment to understand current fitness or recovery level to determine goals.
  • An attainable game plan and personalized exercises to reach goals
Active Rehab Service
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Massage Therapy

We offer massage therapy treatment performed by our team of Registered Massage Therapists. You can expect

  • An assessment of your injury, to understand what’s going on
  • A collaborative approach, typically involving physiotherapy or IMS
  • Soft tissue manipulation: muscles, joints, ligaments
  • Some discomfort at first, followed by relief in the days that follow
  • Detailed explanation of how IMS should work for your body
  • Minor discomfort, and positive results typically within a few days
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I broke my dominant hand at the beginning of June which made every day tasks as well as a number of my favorite outdoor activities extremely challenging. Post-surgery I was referred by a friend to see Trevor Potts at the Physio Shop on Commercial and I’m so grateful for that referral!

Trevor was awesome, answered all of my questions and listened closely to my goals in order to provide the best line of care in order to put me in the best position to reach them. I had my last appointment today (got the all clear!) and ultimately experienced a WAY quicker recovery than expected. Thank you Trevor for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm! My hand and I are very grateful

Jordan Kitagawa