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Analyze Your golf-related movements and improve body mechanics performance with Med Level 3 Certified.

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TPI for Golfer

Our TPI services are tailored for golf players, both professional and recreational, who are seeking to analyze their golf-related movements and improve body mechanics. TPI is for you whether you aspire to optimize your swing mechanics, enhance your overall golf technique, address physical limitations, recover from injuries, prevent future ones, or compete at a higher level.

1-on-1 Expert Guidance

TPI Medical Level 3 professional certified

You will benefit from working directly with Trevor, a highly trained and experienced TPI Medical Level 3 Certified professional. 

Gain Valuable Insights

TPI screen

Gain a deep understanding through the TPI screen and an SFMA screen of your unique physical capabilities and limitations. This knowledge will empower you to overcome obstacles, unlock hidden strengths, and optimize your swing mechanics for improved distance, accuracy, and overall performance.

Personalized Action Plan

Play Pain-Free, Play Better. Consistency Made Simple!

Your assessment results will be used to develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. This comprehensive plan may include targeted exercises, stretches, and corrective techniques to address limitations, enhance mobility, stability, and strength.

Improve your golf game in just 12 weeks with your own Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

certified personal trainer.

We suggested 2 days – 1 day with Trevor (Med 3 TPI certified) 1 day with your coach.  Let us know if you don’t currently have a coach and we can connect you with some of the area’s finest.


Day 1: Data Collection

We break down your level 1 TPI screen which includes some basic movements required to move your body efficiently, specifically for golf. We look at your golf swing and try to peg some of the key swing faults that may be affecting your game.

With these two data sets we create the body swing connection and this helps us answer WHY YOU SWING THE WAY YOU SWING.

From here we’ll dive deeper into the details  to find the precise mobility and stability mobile control issues your body is presenting with.

We’ll analyze your vision and vestibular system to give us a better understanding of how your brain works with the golf club. Most likely, you aren’t aligning well or using the right alignment aids (e.g. lines on the ball versus no lines).

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DAY 2: Treatment and Planning

During this session you’ll have treatment from the Physiotherapist to help reset the mobility issues and stability motor control issues. If you’re injury free we’ll walk you through the routines for daily maintenance, warm-up, strength and conditioning, and practice. We’ll also have a look at your club fitting to ensure you’re in the right clubs for your swing and your body.

  • Tailor-Made Routines : Indicate the exclusive and personalized nature of the exercises and stretches. Indicate the meticulous and detailed approach to your routines.
  • Improvement Mobility & Stability Physiotherapy :

⇒ Strengthening and Stability: Unlock your potential with a dedicated focus on building strength and stability through targeted physiotherapy techniques.

⇒ Resetting Motor Function: Rediscover your body’s natural harmony as we guide you through reestablishing proper motor control and coordination for optimal performance.

⇒ Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Experience a holistic approach that encompasses both prevention and rehabilitation, ensuring your physical health remains at its peak.



We recommended reassessing every three to four weeks to ensure progress.
We can keep track of your progress, correct any imbalances or weaknesses, and make adjustments to ensure that you continue to improve. 

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Trevor Potts - TPI Med level 3 Certified & Registered Physiotherapist – B.Sc, (MPT)

Trevor Potts

TPI Med level 3 Certified & Registered Physiotherapist – B.Sc, (MPT)
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