Physio, RMT, and Kinesiology Services in Vancouver

Our Vancouver physiotherapy and RMT  services are all about getting you back on track the right way, using a personalized rehab plan in a supportive, community space.
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Starting Your Path to Optimal Health and Mobility with the Right Care.

Manual therapy, IMS, therapeutic exercise… our therapists tailor the intervention based on your goals!

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is another treatment option we have available, and we often use it in conjunction with our physio treatment. You can expect:

  • Thorough assessment from a qualified practitioner to understand the treatment provided and potential sensations you may feel
  • Detailed explanation of how IMS should work for your body
  • Minor discomfort, and positive results typically within a few days

Are you looking for personalize effective relief from pain and discomfort?

Manual therapy is a hands-on approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Manual therapy emphasizes personalized care and one-on-one attention from our skilled therapists. You will receive physiotherapy care that is tailored to your needs, using evidence-based practices.

Relief Jaw Pain and Dysfunction

Our specialized TMJ physiotherapy services are designed to address the root causes of jaw pain and dysfunction, providing relief and restoring optimal function for our patients. Whether you’re experiencing headaches, jaw pain, clicking, popping, or difficulty with jaw movement, our expert therapists are here to help you find relief and improve your quality of life.

Regain Your Balance, Reclaim Your Life.

Feeling Dizzy and Struggling with Balance? Improve quality of life and regain balance. After an assessment, followed by manual therapy and customized vestibular rehabilitation exercises to reduce dizziness, improve balance, and enhance daily activities.

Are you or a loved one on the path to recovery after surgery?

At The Physio Shop, we understand that the journey back to optimal health and mobility begins with the right care. With our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge research, we’re here to ensure your post-operative rehabilitation is a success.

Are you gearing up for an exhilarating ski season? Don’t hit the slopes unprepared!

At The Physio Shop, we’re your trusted partner in ensuring you have a safe and injury-free winter adventure. Our expert therapists are here to guide you through the essential steps of physical preparation, helping you stay on top of your game from the very first run.

Optimal Comfort, Efficiency, and Performance

Our bike fitting service is designed to help you achieve optimal comfort, efficiency, and performance on your bike, whether you’re a weekend rider or a competitive athlete. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable ride with our expert bike fitting service.

Personal Training &


1 hour of customized workout planning under the watchful eye of a certified personal trainer.

Exercise based intervention designed t o improve function. It’s like personal training from a healthcare provider’s lens.

Registered Massage Therapy


Soft tissue work performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.


pregnancy massage
Relieve pregnancy-related lower back pain and tension with safe and
specialized pregnancy massage.

* Book Registered Massage Therapy Service for your pregnancy massage.

TPI – Titleist Performance Institute

GOLF Assessment / Treatment

90 min Titleist Performance Institute has developed a Golf Specific Analysis, treatment, and exercise regime proven to help performance for Average Golfers and Tour Players. Get the most out of your Golf game with an in-depth look at your swing mechanics and gain a better understanding of WHY you swing the way you do. Common side-effects are more consistent contact, straighter ball flight, increased distance and more comfortable rounds of golf. None of this is guaranteed of course. It IS Golf.

We’ll look at the Body Swing Connection, perform a Level 1 TPI screen and an SFMA screen to better understand your body.

We will also dive into your vision to give you some tips on using alignment aids and understanding ball position in the swing and putting.

Finally we will test your power output, to see if you can make more specific gains with speed or strength based on your lower body, core, and upper body as well as your rotary balance.

* Only offered by Trevor Potts – TPI Med level 3 Certified