Ken Moy

Registered Physiotherapist – MScPT

Ken’s mission is to help you overcome injuries with a variety of modern, evidence based approaches to pain, recovery and treatment.

Education and Background:

Ken is a Masters of Physiotherapy graduate at Leeds Beckett University in the UK and Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at SFU. Through his international experience, he has had the opportunity to work with various population groups such as patients with neurological conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, and chronic pain. Combining his love for all things active and active rehabilitation, Ken hopes to be able to use his knowledge to help people return to activities/sports they enjoy from injury. His treatment approach includes a mixture of pain science, biomechanical technique, manual therapy and education to give patients the tools they need to overcome their injury.

In addition, Ken has had previous experience working as a personal trainer and team trainer with the SFU varsity football team. His interests include learning new activities and sports (currently cycling), many topics of health and wellness, travel, and music.

On weekends you can find him sketching at your local coffee shop or having a pint at one of Vancouver’s finest craft beer breweries (depending on the time of day), or enjoying some of BC’s great outdoors with his puppy, Luna.

Worked with Kenneth for a coupe of months and saw excellent results very quickly on a leg injury. Ken also took the time every week outside of our sessions to email new exercises. – Thomas Payton

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