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Ankle Sprain Explained: A Physiotherapist’s Perspective

Physiotherapists Treat Ankle Sprains More Than You Think “Rolling an ankle” is extremely common and if you have never rolled it, chances are you probably know someone who has. There’s usually a bump on your foot that appears soon after. But what you don’t see is what happens underneath the bump. How severe is the […]

A Neurological Outlook on Pain and Performance – Pt 2: Breathing

In part two of  an “Neurological Outlook on Pain and Performance”, Physiotherapist Ken Moy dives into the power of a breath. How does it relate to chronic pain? How can we use breathing to improve our day-to-day? What is breathing? As discussed in part 1, the brain’s biggest priority is to keep us alive. Breathing […]

What is Kinesiology and What do Kinesiologists do?

What is Kinesiology Kinesiology is a growing profession that aims to optimize health and wellness through the study of the human body. The Greek word “Kinesis” means “to move” so in essence, kinesiology studies the movement of the human body. Registered Kinesiologist, Beth Stulen shares what exactly Kinesiologists do and when you should think about […]