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Neck Pain Explained by a Physiotherapist

Neck pain is complex and though it can sometimes be attributed to a bad sleeping position, it may also be a symptom for something severe. It should not be taken lightly and should be closely monitored. In this blog post we take you through the causes, treatments, and home remedies for neck pain.   What is […]

Everything You Need to Know To Visit a Physio in BC

We know that finding the right physio can be hard, and it is challenging to get your questions answered. But don’t worry we got you! In this post we go over what physiotherapists do, how much it may cost and how much is covered by MSP, ICBC, or extended health plans. What’s Physiotherapy? Physiotherapists work [...]

A Neurological Outlook on Pain and Performance

Why does your body stop functioning with chronic injury?  What does the body do in response to pain? How does pain/nociception change movement? Over time, what happens to the body with the compensations that occur? Physiotherapist Ken Moy shares a neurological outlook on pain and performance. The brain is the all-powerful organ of the body, [...]

3 Exercises to Help Reduce Neck Pain

Why Does Our Neck Hurt? Kinesiologist Erin Brucker, explains why our neck hurts and 3 simple exercises to help reduce pain. Research shows that two thirds of adults in Canada will experience neck pain at some point in their life. However, high recurrence rates suggest that neck pain is a recurring condition that changes over [...]

5 Exercises to Warm Up Like A Pro

Former Canucks physio, Masumi Turnbull, outlines 5 movement prep exercises to get you ready to go! These five warm-up exercises are perfect to do before any activity, be it a run, workout, practice or game. They’re also great to do at home with no equipment required, and can even be a quick workout on their [...]

Tackling Rehab Barriers: A clinician and client approach

Kinesiologist Erin Brucker, explores how clinicians and clients can work together to overcome a variety of barriers that pop up over the course of a rehab journey. Self Management When Forming New Habits Exercise is known to improve pain and function in those with ongoing musculoskeletal injury, but in practice adherence  tends to be low. [...]

What is Active Rehab?

In this blog, our Kinesiologist Erin Brucker, explains active rehab; what it is, how it's different from regular physiotherapy, who might be a good fit, and information on why active rehab is important. What exactly is Active Rehab? Active rehabilitation is a recovery based program in which the client plays an active role. The client [...]

Poor Posture

We're starting a new series all about common physio injuries we see with a dive into poor posture. This is something we can all resonate with, and at the Physio Shop, an issue we see constantly, even when it’s not immediately apparent posture is causing aches or pains. We’ll keep updating this page with new [...]

Upper Body Stretches for Better Flexibility and Posture

Finding yourself hunched over a lot or lacking proper posture? A flexible upper body can make a world of difference in your day to day, especially if you find yourself feeling tight in your neck, shoulders and arms. These stretches promote blood flow and will improve your range of motion in those areas, something that’s […]

Lower Body Stretches for Better Flexibility

It’s easy to skip on stretching during your workout routine or daily to-dos but as we covered in our last post, active and static stretching used effectively can greatly improve range of motion (ROM).  Especially today, as you might still be feeling the effects of lockdown back pain, and limited movement opportunities for your lower […]