Why The Physio Shop

We really care about what we do and the people we do it with.  Clients expect a lot from us but we also expect a lot from them… that’s why we’re successful.
We pride ourselves in providing evidenced based health care, personalized treatments, and the best vibe in a sweet physio clinic on commercial drive… It’s not that difficult.
But don’t take our word for it, see why clients rate us as one of the best Vancouver Physios, and the highest rated physio clinic on Commercial Drive.
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 Physio and RMT Services in Vancouver

Our Vancouver physiotherapy and RMT services are all about getting you back on track the right way, using a personalized rehab plan in a supportive, community space. Learn more about our approach to physiotherapy services here.


Physiotherapy Vancouver

Manual Therapy, IMS, Therapeutic Exercise… Our therapists tailor the intervention based on your goals!

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Registered Massage Therapy Vancouver

Soft Tissue work performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.

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Personal Training Vancouver

1 hour of customized workout planning under the watchful eye of a certified personal trainer.

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Kinesiology Vancouver

Exercise Based Intervention designed to improve function. It’s like Personal Training from a healthcare provider’s lens.

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About The Physio Shop

The Physio Shop as an entity is Founder, Trevor Potts’ dream come true:

Our Vancouver physiotherapy clinic is an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for movement-focused people. An easy place to work for both clients and clinicians.  Founded in 2017, it’s a modernized mix of barbershop friendliness with evidence informed practice in physiotherapy. massage therapy, personal training, and more. 

Values of warmth, community, customer service, and co-operation are at the forefront and our individualities are celebrated.  “Vibe” is something people say we’ve got.  We’re OK with that.
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Our Vancouver Physio and RMT Team

Some of Vancouver’s finest Physiotherapists, and RMTs. This team of incredible individuals brings the barbershop friendliness and evidence informed practice to life!

Our Vancouver Physio Roster
Our Vancouver RMT Roster
Our Vancouver Kinesiology Roster
  • Beth Stulen
    Beth Stulen
    Registered Kinesiologist
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Our Clinic Dog, Sophie
  • Sophie
      Will work for treats

    The Shop

    You’ll notice quickly that teamwork shines through.  Our physiotherapy centre in Vancouver is an open-concept environment, so expect to have more than one therapist facilitate the plan.  We do have private areas, but based on our experience, utilizing the accepting space and personnel rewards the client with some great company and laughs to go with the sweat from traditional rehab plan.  Treatment tables, Weights, Barbells, TRX, Open Floor, mirrors, Water-Cooler, clinic dog… all the necessities. 


    If you’re an athlete – we’ve got you covered with sports physiotherapy. (Crossfitter’s welcome!)


    I was dealing with some discomfort in my shoulder and it was restricting me from doing pull-ups. Trevor performed some dry-needling and the pain was gone immediately and I haven’t had any issues with my shoulders since.

    Jason H - 36

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